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CurrentlyChina the production of horticultural products sales channels are not perfect
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Currently on the market, garden supplies appear more centralized location for a number of major hardware wholesale and flower market, some large supermarkets (for example: Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Metro, etc.) and professional building materials market (for example: B & Q, etc.) Some retail products have a certain reputation. Flower Market as the main cities in China sales channels horticultural products, gardening supplies its sales accounted for 90% of total sales. Such products from the perspective of price and quality distinguish basically low-end products. High-end products are sold through the sales channels of basic large chain supermarkets and building materials chain. In some areas, only a few specialized channel agents through its own channels, the sales agent of some garden machinery products. Overall, limited domestic gardening supplies sales channels, and has not yet formed scale, developed and major garden supplies consumption compared to a wide gap.