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Status of gardening supplies industry
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Development of horticulture products industry is closely related to the development and per capita income and consumption levels of the national economy. With the development of gardening and horticulture, it triggered a huge demand for gardening supplies.

Development of gardening supplies starting in the late 1970s. Since the 1990s, China's rapid economic development, urbanization, urban public green area increased year by year; the per capita income increased significantly, growing demand for housing, led the villa and green building community life; in substance growing demand met case, the majority of citizens concerned about the spiritual and cultural needs, many families began their own balcony, front of the house space gardener grass. In this context, gardening supplies industry has been rapid development, the emergence of a large number of varying scale gardening supplies production enterprises, as well as meet the needs of the product in different environments, developed with personalization features many gardening supplies, complete product categories .

Our huge market demand for gardening supplies, gardening supplies production enterprises have thousands, but mostly export-oriented export-oriented enterprises, these enterprises are basically OEM production of some well-known foreign brands, few products in domestic sales; only a small part of the business will open up the domestic market as a target market, a brand of small manufacturers. In contrast, some foreign brands but actively involved in our gardening supplies market began a targeted selection of agents or direct sales organization set up to seize the market.

Economic situation by garden supplies major consumer countries and regions demand fluctuations and rapid growth of the domestic market, some of the past simply rely on exports of horticultural products manufacturer, began to turn their attention to the domestic market. Overall, the future development of our garden supplies market will usher in a phase of rapid increase.